Starving Artist

Many don't know the struggle behind a starving artist. I'd say the day in the life of a designer is equivalent to robbing Peter to pay Paul in order to witness a fraction of your dream come true. There are days I wake up feeling inspired and unstoppable, but there are also days where I feel as though society's illusion of security tries to get the best of me, telling myself that if I give in and conform, life will be easier. Tuh, Lies and Rumors!

I've been concocting a plan to escape this 9 to 5 slave ship. Life is not about settling for the mediocrity society has to offer. Life is not about denying your dreams. Life is about being real with yourself, and going exactly for what you want, even if you have to struggle for a while to obtain it.

 As a plus size designer, I understand that there is a market for everyone. As an entrepreneur I'm constantly thinking of ways to tap into the plus size market despite the obstacles that lie ahead. One of my biggest obstacles was allowing the success of others designers to deter me away from my vision. I often felt as though I didn't have the necessary tools to be as successful as other designers, all while being unaware of the fact that it was my thoughts about who I was and what I was truly capable of hinder me.

 Regardless of how slim to none things may seem, If you want something bad enough, and you effectively pursue it, it will come to fruition. A wise man once said " if you put 10,000 hours into a business it will be successful! Today I declare my victory as a black business owner and artist. I've asked God to humbly place me in a position where my fears, my imperfections, and insecurities don't dictate my future but instead let my passion and faith help me to be fearless!

ashontay hubbard