Staple Pieces That Transition from Season to Season

When you are a fashionista with a wardrobe that makes a bold statement, packing away your favorite seasonal pieces can be a struggle. That perfect top that saw you through a power brunch with potential investors, then effortlessly took you into an evening out with the girls just doesn't deserve to be stuffed in a storage bin. No - that top made you feel fierce and fabulous, and it should be seen by the world! So, don't pack it away. Instead, breathe new life into it by pairing it with fresh, season appropriate pieces and accessories. In fact, we are all about timeless staples that keep us going from season to season. Check out our favorites from spring/summer that breeze any bombshell right into fall!

Wide Leg Pants

                                                                                         Featured :  Signature Wide Leg Pants

                                                                                        Featured: Signature Wide Leg Pants

A beautifully tailored pair of wide leg pants are one of the must-have staples for any wardrobe. Not only are they timelessly stylish, they are also flattering on virtually all shapes. This chic silhouette pairs perfectly with this summer's hottest item - the crop top - to create a sophisticated, fun out on the town look. For fall, pair them with a fitted, lightweight sweater and a great leather bag to give them a cool-weather feel.

Flowing Dresses

                                                                                                Featured :  Circle Dress

                                                                                               Featured: Circle Dress

We love a good circle dress for its versatility - how many items in your wardrobe can take you from the office, to an evening out, AND to church on Sunday? Pair it with pair of sandals with a pop of color and dramatic sunnies for a breezy, summer feel. For fall, layer it up with a chunky sweater, statement belt, and your favorite boots.

Interchangeable Sets

                                                                                                 Featured :  Prima Donna Set

                                                                                                Featured: Prima Donna Set

If you thought sets were just for children, your wardrobe has been seriously missing out. Not only are interchangeable sets chic and sophisticated as a standalone outfit, they are also perfect for expanding your wardrobe during any season. Pair the top with your favorite jeans and strappy sandals for a casual, yet polished look. The midi skirt is the perfect length for fall weather - style it with a structured top that says you mean business to impress with more than just your brilliance in the board room.

Are you dreaming of the perfect fall wardrobe yet, bombshell? Well, we certainly are! Keep an eye out for an exclusive sneak peak of Christian Omeshun's Fall 2017 collection in our upcoming blog posts.