Capsule Wardrobe for the Modern Sophisticate

What percent of the pieces in your wardrobe are currently in rotation? If you are like most women, it is probably less than 50%. In an age of consumerism, many of us are constantly adding new pieces to our collection only to wear them a handful of times, if ever. If you find your closet and drawers are littered with forgotten and unwanted items, it may be time to consider a capsule wardrobe!

The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to eliminate wardrobe clutter by building a foundation of pieces that are interchangeable and timeless. Not only does it clear up space and streamline your closet, it is also ultimately a time saver. Fewer pieces in your wardrobe means less laundry and no digging through piles of clothes when getting ready. Speaking of getting ready, because most pieces are able to be paired together, choosing your outfit for the day will be a breeze! You will also find yourself choosing higher quality pieces that last for years as opposed to a few washes.

So, how does the modern sophisticate build a capsule wardrobe? First thing - take a look at your existing wardrobe and pull out the pieces you love and the staples you find yourself wearing the most. These are a great way to gauge what style you often go for, as well as what is practical for your day to day life. Next is the fun part - finding the perfect pieces to complete your capsule wardrobe!


Featured:  Jasmine Shirt

Featured: Jasmine Shirt

Aside from basic tees and tanks, 3 to 4 well-fitting tops are all you need to round out a strong wardrobe. They should speak to your personal style, as well as easily mix and match with different bottoms. Choosing something simple with fun detailing, like ruffle sleeves or a great print, keeps your wardrobe interesting yet timeless.


Featured:  Madonna Dress

Featured: Madonna Dress

The key to choosing dresses for a capsule wardrobe is finding a few great silhouettes that are perfect for all occasions. The same fitted dress you pair with sexy heels for a night out can easily be office appropriate when paired with a smart blazer. There are no rules on the color or prints in this category, but don't leave out that classic little black dress.


Pants for the sophisticate's wardrobe should meet two major criteria: a flawless fit and versatility. Wide leg pants are chic and can be paired with a number of different tops and layering pieces to create fresh looks. We also love a good ankle pant for the office or as an alternative to a fitted skirt. These two silhouettes, along with a casual pair of pants for more relaxed days, are all you need to complete this category.


For a true capsule wardrobe, you only need a handful of skirts in rotation. We suggest selecting a variety of styles and lengths to give you a wider range of looks. Though solid colors are the most versatile, consider throwing in a print to pair with your more basic tops. Don't forget - no modern wardrobe is complete without a great fitting pencil skirt that hugs all the right curves.


Featured:  Crystal Cape Set

Layering pieces are the key to having an interchangeable wardrobe. The perfect cardigan can take your favorite top from summer to fall. A structured blazer turns a simple dress into a power outfit. Though most layering pieces should be simple and basic, we know our bombshells crave more. We love a great cape to add just the right amount of sophisticated drama to any wardrobe.

We love the idea of a capsule wardrobe for what it aims to achieve - a sophisticated, timeless wardrobe fit for all occasions and seasons. However, don't get stuck on limiting yourself to a handful of pieces per category if you feel you will utilize more. Tag us on your favorite social media platform to show off your capsule wardrobe pieces!